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"Our first facility was established in 1925 by our great grandfather Isa Hazarak Hazar, when he came from the Caucasus in Mersin, on Okka Scales and Decimal Systems, in 1936 our little grandfather Fuat Hazarak passed to Santezimal Mechanical Systems, in 1958 by our father Isa Tamay Hazar. In accordance with market conditions, a factory was established in Eskişehir and the production of Automatic and Mechanical Truck and Truck Scales was started, automation system ...

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Technical service

Bassan is an Expert in Fast, Reliable, Quality, Professional Service with Equipped Service Tools.


The assembly of all kinds of scales, regardless of brand and model, is carried out by our expert assembly teams as soon as possible.


Calibration of all kinds of scales is made meticulously and precisely by our expert teams using M1 class etalon weights.


The maintenance and repair of Loadcell, Weight Indicator scale equipment is carried out by our expert staff.