About Us

“Our first facility was established in 1925 by our great grandfather Isa Hazarak Hazar, when he came from the Caucasus in Mersin, on Okka Scales and Decimal Systems, in 1936 our little grandfather Fuat Hazarak passed to Santezimal Mechanical Systems, in 1958 by our father Isa Tamay Hazar. In accordance with the market conditions, a factory was established in Eskişehir, the production of Automatic and Mechanical Truck and Truck Scales was started, the automation system was installed and mass production was started.

Our father, who is the third generation since 1978, and the fourth generation, we are now with the experiences of our late father, Isa Tamay Hazar, for 30 years. We manufacture fully electronic and digital weighing systems with TSEK certification.
We; As the fourth generation, we will achieve our goals by integrating with our fifth generation children and our employees who make a devoted effort, and we will carry it to our customers with our next generations”