Animal Scale

Digital and fully electronic scales used to determine the weight of bovine and ovine animals. Livestock weights are an important element that must be kept under constant control in order to achieve the required performance in the modern breeding industry.
Weighbridge platform is sized to accommodate one cattle. There is a cage-shaped railing on the platform with doors at its entrance and exit. The indicator that displays the weight digitally can be mounted on a pedestal column or table type for office use.
During weighing, the animal is taken to the scale platform. The movement is stabilized by closing the doors at the cage entrance and exit. If the printer is connected, the weight to be read on the indicator can be printed on the paper. In this way, the total weight of the herd can be output from the printer together with the weight value of each animal.
Livestock Scales are produced from steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel materials in different sizes and capacities. Accessory options such as input and output ramps, indicator column, indicator protection panel can be added. Livestock Scales can be manufactured by custom projecting in accordance with the need for weighing in addition to single animal weighing.
Electronic Parts:
Indicator: Bassan BX21s
Loadcell: 4 x Thames Side T85N