BS 26

BS26 is a sensitive and multifunctional weighing terminal used in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial fields. BS26 has programmable operating modes for weighing and labeling, piece counting, weighing control, classification, dynamic weighing and filling applications. For fast and easy use, 3 keys can be assigned to appropriate functions.
BS26 terminal has 6 different memories, each with 500 record memory; ID1, ID2, numerical tare, product limit values ​​and average piece weight (APW). The product code can be linked to other memory registers such as product limit values, numerical tare and average piece weight (APW). Thus, by selecting the product, other information is automatically selected. This feature provides fast, easy and reliable operation.
BS26 terminal can be connected to devices such as external display, PC, PLC by means of print mode, continuous mode, where continuous information is transmitted, or by mutual communication with BSI commands.