BSEx2 Model

Bassan BSEx2 model is a steel-structured weighbridge that was created as a result of long-term R&D studies. It is named BSEx2 because it is produced in a scale to weigh the largest vehicles with its modular structure.
In the design of the BSEx2 weighbridge, important factors such as durability, long life, ease of installation, ease of transportation, cleanliness and ideal height are taken into account in the design. By using at least two more load cells than their counterparts, the life of the load cells is extended with homogeneous load distribution.
Bassan BSEx2 Truck scales manufactured in various sizes and capacities use Lightning Protection Thames Side load cells and Lightning Protection Bassan BX22L weighing terminal.
MODEL: BSEx2 Above Ground

PULLER: 60-80-100-120-150-200 tons

TAKSIMAT: 20 & / Gradual division

SIZES: 3x12m - 3x14m - 3x16m - 3x18m - 3x20m - 3x22m - 3x24m
LOADCELL: Thames Side branded Total 8 pieces each 35 tons (100% Lightning Protection)