Operatorless Weighing

It is a low-cost Automatic Vehicle Identification Terminal that allows the system to recognize vehicles in applications such as automatic recognition of constantly weighed vehicles in serial weighing facilities where vehicle traffic is intense, weighing operations without an operator and multi-scale weighing automation. It can be mounted at the entrance or exit of the scale depending on the application place and shape.
The system consists of the Vehicle Identification Terminal and the WINCE software on the computer connected to the vehicle scale. In the system, which uses a smart card that can perform contactless reading, when the vehicle enters the scale, the driver is able to identify the vehicle by having his card read to the Vehicle Identification Terminal and weighing operations are performed. At the end of the weighing process, the weighing results of the vehicle are automatically stored in the memory or, if desired, a scale receipt can be printed from the printer automatically.
Accessories such as traffic light, barrier, audible-light warning system or message terminal that direct the driver and vehicle traffic can be added to the system. The tares of the vehicles, which are constantly weighed in line with the customer request, can be stored in the memory in advance and the possibility of weighing in one step can be provided.