Special Production Scales

150. Blacksmith scales and animal scales from kg to 40 tons are manufactured in desired sizes.
Like other scales in the market, it is not made of normal profile, but made of NPI160 iron, the sheet placed on it is made of ST37A1 quality at least 6mm thick, the paint used is a coat of primer and epoxy paint. The platform is fully guaranteed for 10 years, including use in corrosive environments.
- You can examine the indicator properties of our BX-1 indicator.
- It can show gross-net weights.
- Tare information and item code can be entered from the keyboard.
- In case of power failure, it keeps the current weight information in memory.
- It connects to PC or printer via RS-232C output.
- It transmits the weight, product name, product code, date and weight total information to the printer.
- Scale program that can do all reporting compatible with Vista.
- Full capacity taring feature