Bassan Global is a fully steel weighing bridge in modular structure that can be installed with or without a pit. Bassan Global, which is produced in European standards, has a strong static structure that can be used easily in every branch of the industry aiming legal loading and measurement.
It is durable up to 130% of the Weighing Capacity. The strength and deflection calculations have been made by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and its strength has been signed.

With the Bassan Global concept, weighing bridges can be created in various lengths, which can be extended from 4m to 24m in 3m width and 2m intervals. Its modular structure enables easy and fast installation and allows international container shipping.

Bassan Global weighing bridge, which is produced from carefully selected steel materials, has been designed in terms of durability and longevity, as well as important factors such as assembly, transport, cleaning, ideal height. Lightning-Proof BX22L microprocessor electronic weighing terminal is used as standard in Bassan Global vehicle scales, which are a perfect weighing bridge together with Lightning Protection Thames Side T34 model load cells and Bassan mounting kits.